Loosey’s is known for booking great live music, and we’re always willing to hear what your band has to offer. Please email our booking agent at or fill out the contact form below.

We book bands for Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays usually. But arrangements can sometimes be made for other nights.

We usually give 100% of the door collections to the bands, unless the show is booked as a benefit and other arrangements are made. You suggest the cover and we hold right to veto. We also have facility to sell tickets online, but this service charges fees.


  • When you contact us to book a show, have a date or a few dates already picked out. We book Approximately 45 days in advance, so please keep that in mind when selecting dates.
  • If you’re from out of town, it helps to have one or two local ‘anchor’ bands lined up. We can help making contact or confirming bands if you need help.
  • Most of our shows are 21+, but we make some exceptions. Please be clear if your audience is <21. As for under 18, we leave it to our door guys to make exceptions to our age requirements.
  • Don’t change the line-up or dates on us too often once your booking is confirmed. We’re gun shy about bookings falling apart. Contact us as soon as you know a change is happening.
  • We are all about marketing your show to our audience. We do posters, Facebook events, social media promos, and more. BUT we suggest you get involved and make sure YOUR friends and followers get the word, too.


There’s no designated loading area, but you can park temporarily near the front of the building to move your gear. There is a parking garage directly across the street, and often street parking and surface parking available within a few blocks.

We cannot hold your payout. One of your band members must be present at the end of the night to collect.

You are more than welcome to sell your merch on site during your show evening. If you need space to do this, please let us know ahead of time so arrangements can be made.