Loosey’s Trivia Night

Trivia at Loosey’s is back on Monday nights!

Two rounds of 10 questions each and music related bonus points for each question with categories covering current events,  geography, history, sports, music, general knowledge and useless factoids

1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

Socially distanced with plenty of outdoor seating, come grab a table or two and show all your friends and a handful of strangers how smart you are.

Game starts at 7:30.

We have also now started a 10 week long Trivia Season, which we will do 4 times a year (winter season, spring season, summer season, fall season).

Regular Trivia rules apply, and weekly prizes are still up for grabs, but ALSO the team that has accumulated the most points at the end of the season will win a bonus $100 in Looseys bucks.

Loosey's Trivia Season 6 Winners
Loosey’s Trivia Season 6 Winners “Those Assholes”
Team Name Season 7 Total
Tequila Mockingbird 1982
Get More Friends 1934
Maybe Next Week 1884
Oops! All New World Monkeys 1738
Whiskeypedia 1574
Steve’s Bitches 1406
Ak Sizzle 1224
Amy The Talking Gorilla 1124
Prestige Worldwide 1094
Goobers 984
Updated Nov 22, 2022
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Dec 05 2022


7:30 pm
Loosey's Patio


Loosey's Patio