Five Door Sedan WSP Trevor & The Travelers – The Alleged Band – Feb 4, 2024

Five Door Sedan is a brand new indie rock group from Charleston, SC.
Their new sound blends the improvisation and raw emotion of psychedelic rock with a modern feel of carefully orchestrated, catchy indie rock music. Tight rhythms, deep lyrics, and passionate playing make this band a powerhouse of musicality.
The 5 piece band, (formerly Dacota Muckey and The Trip) brings a unique twist with sultry saxophone and layers of melodic synths.
The band has been hard at work in the studio recording a new EP. Their latest singles “Darlin’ You,” “My Flaw” and “Not Sorry” launched fans into their new era of music

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Feb 04 2024


7:00 pm
Loosey's Downtown Mainstage


Loosey's Downtown Mainstage
Loosey's Booking


Loosey's Booking